How to Buy Green Furniture

Excellent article by Abe Abbas, Guide: As a responsible person trying to lead a green lifestyle, you may be wondering how to buy green furniture. After all buying green means that you are doing your part to help keep the planet healthy. But there is another aspect to it: buying green furniture helps you to […]

Custom Metal Dining Tables

Get an unforgettable piece of furniture for your home or business from Oios Metals. We create custom metal dining tables out of 98% recycled materials inside our Denver, Colorado, factory. Our name comes from the Greek meaning “unique” – and that’s exactly what our custom metal dining tables are.

Metal Dining and Coffee Tables

The dining table is a significant piece of furniture in the home and should be properly invested in. So much time is spent around the dining table – weeknight dinners, family gatherings, holidays – that the design and functionality of your dining table should be carefully considered. Oios Metals designs custom metal dining tables and […]

Contemporary metal tables

“Contemporary” in furniture design and home decor can be described by the words current and modern. Some of the characteristics of contemporary design are: Neutral colors Bold accessories Strong lines Minimalist aesthetic Sleek design Oios Metals’ contemporary metal tables embody all of these characteristics. If you are looking for a contemporary metal table that is […]

Made in America furniture and tables

When a product says “Made in America” on the label, doesn’t it make you that much more confident in your decision and proud to support the hard workers that make American great? All of our custom furniture is made to order in our Denver, Colorado factory, and is exclusively produced from 98% recycled metals making ours […]