OIOS METALS products carry a 1-year warranty on finishes for interior use only – protection from
cracking, staining and delamination under normal use. A 10-year structural warranty exists for welds and bolts from date of purchase. In the event a display or serving dish item has moisture trapped under
a surface, i.e water from a plant, serving dish, wet towel etc, damage will occur. Outdoor finishes are
available upon request and are limited to specific colors and applications. Improper maintenance from
sandpaper and sharp objects will void the warranty (i.e. scratching, burning, dropping, dragging objects
across surface areas, cutting or food preparation, excessive moisture, etc.). The Oios Warranty covers
repairs or replacement of the damaged part only at our discretion. The Warranty repairs will be made
to return your product to its original condition. Warranty does not cover changing finishes, style, or
function of your item.

FREIGHT DAMAGE: Any damage or defects caused by freight must be noted on the Bill of Lading at
time of delivery and reported to the carrier. Hidden damage must be reported within 72 hours of delivery
to the Freight carrier. For any claims or additional information, please contact your authorized dealer.
RETURN POLICY: All items are custom made and all sales are final – no returns or exchanges. The
warranty for defects covers product only and does not cover delivery or freight charges. The customer is
responsible for any freight charges incurred to return product for repair.

Our items are made to order to be the most sustainable items in the furniture industry! The metal we use
is all 98% recycled steel. If bent it can be straightened; if broken or damaged it can be repaired or welded
– and refinished to new condition to the existing color or can be changed to another! Re use it – Update it
– Never throw it away. Our exotic finishes can be restored repeatedly. We only refinish our items here at
the factory, not onsite.

1- Year Warranty on chair frames and workmanship – designed for residential use only. No warranty for
stains or fabric wear. Commercial use to be determined upon specific style and frame.

For claims or additional information please contact your authorized dealer.
We hope you will enjoy our products for many years to come, as much as we love making them for you!
The Oios Metals Team