Furniture Designs

Modern design

The modern design style was created by a group of European designers who founded the Staatliches Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture, in 1919. Bauhaus’s philosophy was that all design styles should include two main elements: shape and function, with priority to function. Around these two principles has emerged the modern design style, which focuses, above all, on the function of the elements and avoids the excessive use of the accessories, especially if they lack functionality. Many people characterize modern design as impersonal and cold, but when used properly, it can induce the feeling of peace and quiet, precisely by its simplicity.

Contemporary design

The contemporary design style was established in 1970 and represents a mélange of elements borrowed from modernism, postmodernism, as well as from the design styles of the moment: art deco or futurism.

Contemporary design therefore incorporates interior design elements popular at the moment. A difference between the two styles, which also allows you to easily distinguish them, is the geometry. Compared with the modern style, the contemporary style does not necessarily aim at minimalism and space economy; loaded spaces and free spaces are equally important. Also, the contemporary style, although as simplistic as the modern style, is more daring and allows greater freedom in interior design.

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