Nice Metal Table To Incorporate Feng Shui In Your Home

If you’ve read or watched videos about Feng Shui, you probably already know how important balance is to a harmonious home setting. Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese art that focuses on the harmonious arrangement of the home, and how interior decorations and modern furniture Denver showrooms have can be adjusted and changed in order to ensure an ideal level of balance that can be soothing and stimulating to the mental state of the people living in the home in question.


When it comes to metal furniture, it can be considered as a somewhat less natural addition to the home. After all, wood and fabrics typically come from natural, organic sources that are more familiar and soothing in most cases. However, metal tables, beds, chairs and just about any other type of metal furniture you can think of, can also be integrated into your Feng Shui with a few simple tweaks.


The first thing to consider is to adjust the elemental balance of your interior decoration. In Feng Shui, when compared to earth and water, which should take up 50% and 10% respectively, metal should be present in about 40% of the places in your room. That percentage can be further increased, if your birth element is metal.


Positioning, shape and color also have to be adjusted according not only to personal preference, but also according to aligning your metal furniture with the geographic point that most represents your journey (North for opportunities and career, West for creativity and so on), avoiding sharp edges, and create a kind of elegance that falls in line with your main goals in life.