Modern Contemporary Furniture ChoicesYour curtains, rugs, upholstery and a host of other fabrics that can make your home look good or bad should be among your main concerns when you move into a new house. While it’s important to make sure all the practical features work as advertised, the first time your home actually feels like home is when you start decorating it.


Deciding between patterned or solid material designs is an important aspect of that and one that will decide the theme for your entire home. Even though a combination of the two can also be a good idea in certain cases, most homeowners will be happier to create a theme that is similar in most of their rooms, focusing mainly on solid or on patterned designs even when it comes to the modern contemporary furniture homeowners choose.


Patterned materials are usually best used as part of an older home design or one that’s a little more “old-school.” Traditional materials like wood and ornate metal decoration items and furniture items go well with patterned fabrics and can give your home a retro look without making it lose its edginess.


Solid materials and clean colors are best used to add a contemporary or modern look to your house’s interior. Combined with large spaces, sophisticated decoration items and sharper edges, solid materials blend right in with a modern interior décor.