So you chose the paint, the color theme, the overall style and design and the ergonomic furniture you need for your new office. If it’s coming along well, then it means you did an excellent job in choosing everything, and your office is almost ready to be populated by active employees, fax machines, computers and lots of classy pen holders.


The question is, how can you make your office stand out and make a true statement about what your company is all about? After all, most offices already have everything you’ve added, and they don’t look that personal or unique.Stunning Conference Room Tables


To make your office look special, you will need an ideal statement piece that says, “our company is here and we aim to be the best!” That piece can be anything from a meaningful sculpture or painting, or fabulous conference room tables, to the first invention you created that sparked your initial idea to start your business in the first place.


There are a lot of different options when it comes to selecting your statement piece. An imposing piece of furniture like a large and ornate desk or table can also serve as the statement piece, and that would be a great option if you want to have your desk placed near the desks and cubicles of your employees as a sign of solidarity.


The most important thing when choosing the right statement piece, is to keep in mind that it has to be meaningful and not just stand out as the best looking or largest item in the room.