Modern Conference Room Table

The design of the office influences to a great extent both the efficiency and the quality of the work. In addition, a carefully decorated office promotes a better team cohesion, but also improves the mood of the employers. In this respect, the chosen colors are an important factor to consider.

Typically, the main chromatics in an office space are kept longer than in a residential building. Currently, however, there is a general trend to replace the saturated colors of the upholstery, with some less saturated – pastels.

Also, the era of plastic and imitation seems to come to an end, and the period of natural materials begins. Cement, wood, stone are expected to be more and more present, including as furniture materials and conference room tables, not just in the form of decorative or functional accessories. Natural earthy colors will also become more and more popular.

Green is increasingly present in offices and not necessarily as furniture color, but by indoor plants that become an integral part of the office – and their presence has more than an aesthetic explanation. Plants help improve concentration, reduce stress and purify indoor air.

Also, more and more green spaces are being created around office buildings.