Denver Custom Bar Counter Top

Interested in a commercial project? Oios Metals creates beautiful custom counter tops for your bar or restaurant. Made out of sustainable, recycled metals and created to last, you won’t be disappointed. ┬áContact us for a quote today!

Custom Metal Sculptures

Treat your space to a custom metal sculpture from Oios Metals. Their earth friendly recycled materials can be sculpted into the perfect design for your office, home, or outdoor landscape. Take a peek at a few of the custom sculptures created by Oios below.

Great Quality & Service – Unique Craftsmanship

“I recently purchased a bar top from OIOS Metals. I worked directly with the owner Greg Bach on the design and production of the top. I was thoroughly impressed with the Quality and Service provided by the staff at OIOS Metals. The bar top we designed is 100 square feet and is the first thing […]

Durable and Refinishable

Oios Metals fabricates decorative metal applications from recycled steel to create unique sustainable design elements for your residence as well as commercial applications. Not only are our products made from recycled materials, they are fabricated using a unique process which results in a highly durable and refinishable product.